Torrent Traffic Blocking

Heavy torrent downloads can easily lead to slow network performance.

SafetyProXy blocks torrent downloads in different ways:


1, Layer7 deep package filtering

L7 package filtering. This is one of the most effective way of fighting torrents.
It can categorize Internet Protocol packets based on their application layer data. The major goal of this tool is to make possible the identification of peer-to-peer programs, which use unpredictable port numbers. After the detection of torrent-peer-to-peer IP packets from a client host, the client device will be cut off from the network for 1 hour. (Optionally the client device will have a very limited bandwidth)

2, Block .torrent file downloads

Users are not allowed to download files with extension .torrent. This way they can not start their downloads in the torrent network.

3, Block torrent download sites

SafetyProXy has a blacklist which is updated regulary by open source communities. Blocking of torrent websites either done by Safety-DNS service, or by local SafetyProxy DNS server.

4, Traffic shaping

Set up package delivery priorities on the network.

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