SafetyProXy - The Next Generation Firewall!
Powerful, flexible firewall and routing platform, includes a long list of related features. The package system allows further expandability of the base distribution.
Recommended to use everywhere where network management, security and user protection are required.


SafetyProXy use SafetyDNS service to filter Http and Https traffic.
SafetyDNS allowes You to filter Your internet content by checking DNS queries against various Open Source blacklists in different categories, which are continuously updated by their communities.
Black and whitelisting is available on the local SafetyProXy instance, where You can configure to block custom categories as well, not included in DNS service.


Safe internet search
We provide safe search option in all major search engines. SafetyProXy provides Google safe search option by redirecting all queries to Google safe DNS server.
Optionally Bing safe search and other not encrypted engines are also available.


Torrent Blocking
Heavy torrent downloads can easily lead to slow network performance. SafetyProXy blocks torrent downloads 100% efficient.


Traffic Shaping
Traffic shaping (also known as "packet shaping") is a computer network traffic management technique which delays some or all datagrams to bring them into compliance with a desired traffic profile. Traffic shaping is used to optimize or guarantee performance, improve latency, and/or increase usable bandwidth for some kinds of packets by delaying other kinds. 


VPN for remote management
Up and running with VPN server in a few minutes. We either use OpenVPN server/client setup, or site-to-site VPN, or combined. 


Install SafetyProXy on a Windows host
You can run SafetyProXy on Your Windows Domain controller as a windows service.
In this setup Your Windows host will act as a Router and a Content filter on the network, no additional hardware is needed.SafetyProXy is running in a virtual machine inside the Windows host,  and will use it's resources.


Run a standalone SafetyProXy Router  

Check out Our hardware offers! 



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